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Should you resist your inner caveman? From millennials to boomers, make sure you have all the disability and annuity income protection you need.

I accidentally dropped a penny and a nickel on the cafeteria floor the other day. They both quickly bounced under the checkout counter, out of reach. Nobody saw. So I decided to let it slide and move on, but it did get me thinking … Have you ever lost a pen? Or how about your… Read More »

When vision meets fashion: Nova Eyewear enters the vast consumer segment in India

The “Nova: Vision Meets Fashion” Film has created an imagery that defines the brand world for Nova, namely, a world where one can enjoy perfect vision with international style After having achieved a strong foothold in B2B segment internationally, Nova, the global eye wear brand from Vision Rx Lab, is about to create another new… Read More »

Lamifor.com:Marcolin Group and DFS Group partner in exclusive Tom Ford sunglasses launch

Marcolin Group and DFS Group have launched two styles of Tom Ford sunglasses in 35 selected DFS stores worldwide. The sunglasses will be sold throughout 2017. Marcolin said it was pleased to partner with DFS on the ‘special’ project which spotlights two of Tom Ford’s best-selling eyewear styles: Abbey for women and Leo for men. According… Read More »

Lamifor.com | The founders of Warby Parker reveal how they run a billion-dollar glasses brand with two CEOs, and why Amazon won’t crush them

Sarah Jacobs Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa are cofoudners of Warby Parker, an eyeglasses retailer worth $1+ billion. Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa met as MBA students at the University of Pennsylvania and cooked up the idea for Warby Parker, an eyeglasses retailer that would undercut the sale of glasses by hundreds of dollars and… Read More »